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POETRY: Prince Andrew Steals The News

Well, it’s probably not a huge surprise that Prince Andrew has been forced into standing down from Royal Duties in the aftermath of his disaster interview last weekend.

Such huge news is it that every mainstream British newspaper dedicated their frontpage to the story. There’s an election on? You wouldn’t know!

And for that we must thank Prince Andrew – for all his questionable choices over the years, his parting gift to the nation is much appreciated: 24 hours without talk of Brexit.

Prince Andrew Steals The News

“The Prince is a commy!” the Tory boys thunder.
“He’s a fascist!” Cries Corbyn, from 14 points under.
Jo Swinson, ne’er one for the old status-quo
Agrees that it’s time for this Royal to go.
But why on the day of her manifesto launch?
Is Andrew’s support for Brexit so staunch?
Not so, says Farage, equally dejected
(Even though he’s not running, so can’t be elected).
You see, in the hours since the Prince chose to exit,
For the first time in years, there’s been no talk of Brexit.