Thank you very much to the following people for offering to write a testimonial about our work together.

I have enjoyed working on a large number of projects; if you have a project you’d like me to be a part of please get in touch.

‘Daniel, the Activities Director on the Navigator, should have an hour stand-up act every night…that guy’s wit when it comes to crowd interaction + a microphone is comedy gold. His narration of the poolside shows (World’s Sexiest Man & Belly Flop Competition) is second to none.’

Cruise Critic Member

‘Incredible audio narrations, absolutely awesome. Very impressive.’

Deji O, Founder, www.smartandrelentless.com

‘Daniel did an amazing job.  Many people have come up to me since to say how good  he was – and made admiring comments about the green suit!  His contribution made the whole opening ceremony and the activities afterwards very professional.​’

​Cynthia Wells, Acting Chairman, West House and William Heath Robinson Museum Trust

‘I definitely recommend Daniel! He was my voice over for my graduate TV Show and he was very professional, reliable and easy to work with.’

​Thomas Goddard, Red Robin Media

‘Daniel was an excellent presenter for this production. He was able to get to grips with a subject area and the feel of the show easily which is a real credit to his professionalism. Daniel’s ability to build a good relationship with the guests and to ad-lib around the script really helped to keep the pace of the programme as well as helping to add warmth and approachability to the programme. I was overall very impressed with Daniel as a presenter and would definitely recommend him!’

Emma Hand, Producer, Bournemouth University

‘A very good presenter with a nice style where personality comes through’

Ron B, Managing Director, 3FM

‘Daniel was a warm and sensitive host, showing a real sense of understanding of the show we were trying to portray, making us feel as producers safe in his presenting capabilities. Daniel created a warm and chatty feel for both crew and guests on the show, he was very understanding and worked well with our team. He was also an extremely confident presenter being able to ad lib perfectly with his speech being believable and interesting. He took the script and made it come alive and added very much to our show! Thank you Daniel!’

Sam D and Becky G, Producers, Bournemouth University

‘Daniel Edward has been, quite simply, fantastic. His energy towards entertaining guests with his quick wit and very English charisma has seen him stand out in a crowd of great entertainers. Thank you Daniel for your valiant efforts daily and nightly!
A great host, entertainer and future presenter. Quick witted, charming gentleman, people will warm to instantly.’

Cuddy C, Cruise Director, Royal Caribbean

‘A personality almost as big as the ship. He never seemed to run out of energy and did a great job leading trivia, other contests, and a lot of the entertainment around the ship.’

Cruise Ship Passenger

‘Strong, knowledgeable presenting style’

SRA Awards Judge

‘Funny, engaging presenter’

SRA Awards Judge