POETRY: Don’t Hate.

Unfortunately there was a nasty, antisemitic incident on the London Underground in the last couple of days. A man started abusing a young family with three children.

A couple of other passengers intervened and tried to bring the incident to a close – they weren’t treated too nicely by the perpetrator either…

He was later arrested.

Don’t Hate.

To haters, the baiters and aggravators,
At work, or perhaps on the train,
For the words, the ways, the “do you parlez anglais?”
From your judgements, I beg you refrain.

Why spit on a brother? Why harass his mother?
Why label his sister with slurs?
Don’t preach from your book, if you judge with one look,
Change your message, before worse occurs.

There’s a parable, see, called They Then Came For Me,
It’s a story I recommend reading.
For hate is exclusive to thoughts quite delusive,
Keep it up and you’ll be the one pleading.

To the rest, I’ll attest, it’s a quest to contest
Vile hatred when you see it glaring,
But bystanders must stand, see the bigots disband,
Stand together. ‘Gainst hate be unsparing.