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POETRY: Nigel Farage Calls His Mother

I wrote this poem when President Trump called in to Nigel Farage’s talk show on LBC Radio to give his two pennies’ on the General Election and the future of Brexit.

The President told Farage that he likes Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn would be bad for the UK, and if Farage and Boris worked together in the election they would do great things.

The President’s eager intervention in the British General Election is likely to be forgotten fairly quickly. But I enjoyed this imaginary conversation between Nigel Farage and his mother, as he excitedly calls her after he leaves the studio…

Nigel Farage Calls His Mother

Trump rang into my talk show, Mummy!
The President rang into my show!
He phoned me direct to the studio, Mummy,
About a man we both know.
He told me he likes Boris Johnson, Mummy,
But Comrade Corbyn is bad.
He told me with BoJo I’m great, Mummy!
Of greatness I’ll surely be glad.
But what of my chances to run Mummy?
What does this blonde’s message mean?
They both want the same thing as me, Mummy.
Perhaps Lords is the place to be seen.