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POETRY: A Speaker’s Final Day

On 31 October 2019, Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow stood down from his decade in the Speaker’s Chair.

John Bercow has been a controversial Speaker who has divided opinion. He has modernised some elements of the House of Commons proceedings – including choosing not to wear the Speaker’s wig.

But it is probably his loud-mouthed manner, limelight-loving sensibilities, and anti-government/pro-parliament position on Brexit that he’ll be remembered for.

I wrote this poem, to encourage the House of Commons to vote for a quieter MP as their next Speaker – someone who chairs the debate, but doesn’t become the debate.

A Speaker’s Final Day

A Speaker’s final day in chair;
A statement does the House prepare,
To wish him on his merry way
With all fond memories of his day
Controlling Parliament with furve and rigour –
They elevate this stately figure.

But in this case, the Speaker’s Bercow;
A man known for his shout and smirk –
Oh, and his ego – to be direct,
For Bercow’s Bercow’s fave subject.
So whilst they praise this wigless fellow
Erasing thought of bully’s bellow,
Can I please urge this Common House
To next select a quiet mouse.