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POETRY: Labour Writes A Manifesto

With the 2019 UK General Election campaigns starting to build steam, the Labour team have all disappeared into the boardroom to finalise the content of their manifesto.

The party has been pretty tight-lipped on what might be in their 2019 promise-to-the-nation, but Jeremy Corbyn has allowed one little sneak peak.

If Labour wins the election on December 12th, Britain’s rosy red Socialist future will be streamed to every home in the land on free – yes, FREE! – nationalised fibre broadband.

If that’s not an election winner… So, I wrote this little sketch of the scene in the boardroom.

Labour Writes A Manifesto

“I have a plan!” Shouts Comrade Stan,
Above the rowdy rubble.
“We need a pledge that drives a wedge
Beyond the Corbyn bubble.”

“But how to choose what line to use?”
Pondered the man Stan aloud.
“I’m set to bet free internet
Would do our party proud.”

The room it stared, so unprepared,
For red Stan’s bright idea.
Fibre for all, from hut to Hall,
The room began to cheer.

“For what is used, can be abused”
In a selfish, capitalist system.
“Let’s nationalise!” Tears in his eyes,
Stan shared his social wisdom.

So on this day, we heard them say
With gleams of hope and favour:
Unlimited cats and Omegle chats
Are the prize for voting Labour.