Video Content Packages

Single Shots

Short single shot video loops work particularly well on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where users are scrolling through long streams of posts. Single Shots are more powerful at driving traffic to your page and website than static pictures or simply a weblink.
Single Shots work well when paired with a specific article link to drive traffic to your site. They also work well as theming posts, which set a mood for your social media accounts without a specific Call To Action – this can make your account seem more authentic to users.

Original Footage: Flat and uninteresting
Edited Footage: Colour graded & structured

Multi Shots

Short-form tightly edited sizzle films work especially well on Facebook and LinkedIn, where a slightly older demographic is more likely to spend time watching the full video.
These videos could have a voiceover or simply be set to music. The real pull of these videos is strong visuals with a clear Call To Action.
This type of video is particularly effective at drawing traffic to a specific page on your site, and works well paired with an article or pillar page.

Curated Reality

You’ve got tons of footage but you simply don’t know what to do with it? We’ve all been there at an event or in an incredible destination and we just start shooting on our phone or camera and hope for the best.
Using your authentic footage, I can carve out a curated story that captures the essence of reality in a form that is visually stimulating and very sharable.
Bear in mind that about an hour of footage is likely to result in a minute of final film, so let’s talk in advance to help you plan your shots. I am also available for filming commissions if you don’t have your own footage.

Created Content

The crème de la crème of video content is a well-researched, expertly shot and creatively edited short-form film.
These videos are ideal for YouTube and work well embedded into articles and featured as standalone videos in email marketing campaigns.
Created content videos can be anything from a couple of minutes to a 15-minute mini-documentary.
These videos take the most time in the planning stage, so let’s start talking early and create some impressive evergreen content that will keep people clicking through to your YouTube Channel and website for a long time.